Limited By Time

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It’s not a new concept, it’s as old as man has kept track. Time, seasons, and our society run on time. Do you value your time? Honestly I have discounted my time too much. Somehow, I was valuing others time as more important than mine, my gifting, my time, and my talents to the causes of raising up people to greater awareness of who they are and could be. I am sure you do this also. Your currency may not be mine, you might be paying in the currency of working in a job you hate. The currency of fear of change. The currency of anxiety. The currency of “I’ll be happy when ___” Is this an exchange for safety? Life can be full and long. Your bodies health, your minds clarity, your gifts and talents will be limited by some things you have control over and others you don’t. But…

Time is Limited.

Invest in what pays dividends. Your Relationship, Your Communication, Your Health, Your Gifting is required to create a better family, a better job, a better you. Spend some time and money to be Coached, I can help you to find your way.

Don’t Do It!!!

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No one likes to change…so why? I was good enough to get here. It was good enough for my parents, my siblings, my friend(in the big house)…The Manager/Boss/Owner says that “soon…it will happen soon” So stay the course and wait. Who are you waiting for-Hope?

Hope requires action, belief, and a will to change. We are made for change and to adapt. The Hope Cycle leads to new outcomes, goals met, and changed lives. Coaching requires an exchange, Your Old, for a New You. It’s Happy New Start! with Hope for 2019 or stay in fear? Choose to be coached this year and find hope.

As winter marches onward in the North, it is the season to give thanks for our lives, the people we love, and the blessings we enjoy. As we take time this season, counting these blessings, take time to make a plan for the coming year. What is your plan to bring hope & change for and through coming year?

For us, we have been full-on working to bring change and empower people to live better. To have healthy companies, communities, relationships, and personal health. We do this with Consulting, Coaching, and Health Coaching. I’ve found that many people are dealing with health issues. Our Health, Our Families Health, echoes through all aspects of our lives physically, mentally, financially, and socially.

Coaching gives to You, benefits Your circle, and the people you count-on & love. Ask About, and Schedule Coaching with us today.

In our quest to help people overcome the obstacles in their lives, Tanya and I have found that a Low Carb Healthy Fat (LCHF) way of eating has many advantages in overcoming the greatest economic and social crisis facing our modern society- Health Care and the implications of Metabolic Syndrome. As of 2010, the number of dollars spent on preventable diseases diabetes, cancer, heart disease & stroke was over $905 billion. There has to be a way to help people out of the train wreck that is looming before us. As we research, continue to attend educational conferences, and we recently completed standardized training through the Noakes Foundation / Nutrition Network for healthcare & allied practitioners, we will build new ways to help people through posts, groups, books, and continue to share what others have discovered in creating healthy happy lives. Food & You… is the dropdown you can continue your quest for better health. We want to help you live fully.

I have been enjoying the opportunity to participate in some renovations, remodel, and building with a friend. Although I have had, over the years, to work in church building projects, industry sales, and the painting trades… He was a general contractor with many experiences to draw from. Every time I ask him, do you have a tool, his answer is something like: Yes, what job are you doing? Because he has many tools that do similar jobs, but some complete the task when there is a special situation involved.
There are a couple of nuggets here to capture:

1. What are the questions we ask, to get to the correct tool.
2. What are the tools you bring to the task.

Give a boy a hammer, the whole world is a nail… We have heard it said.
This is how we work generally. We work our lives into ways we can use our most familiar or favorite tool. All work, relationships, health, even our spiritual goals come down to “Can I use my hammer?” So what tools are you using? Is it time to find a new tool and learn to use it better or correctly? I am finding that some of the tools that are available are worth the money spent in time, pain & repair, and the pride of a job well done.
If you are willing to make a change, coaching will help you to at least ask some good questions…and you might just get a good tool in the process.

I have found that determining the core values of a group or individual moves people and businesses closer to goals that work well for each.
I have learned a new tool that uses The Core Values as a tool to help people searching for careers, training, and scholarship opportunities. Maybe targeted more for the high school or college students, innate careers builds on the the CVI to incorporate narrow colleges, essay writing, also has various scholarship opportunities. The test is free, that will help with writing essays, the other parts are opened up with a $40.00 investment. Considering the cost of changing your major this might be the best investment we can give our kids, or us. Check it out at:

New Years is the traditional time to look back at the year that has passed and plan for the year to come. It is a chance to start again, this is not new information. So why is it we don’t achieve those heart felt goals? We wanted to attain them…Didn’t we? So what is holding you back? People. You. Culture & Society.
Shirzad Chamine, in his book: Positive Intelligence, talks about the “saboteurs” in our lives that are designed to keep us “safe” Basically things that are different are not safe. The People around you and you don’t want to change because that might upset the balance that now exists and the controls are in place to keep things easy.
Change is hard, because it is different. Change will require different responses from others. Wise change will benefit you.
What will you change this year.
Professionals, in all areas of sport/business/life, use coaches to have an outside look on how they are doing, as another way to improve on a blind area that needs attention or a goal to achieve.
If you are a Pro, or want to be one, Hire a Coach this Year!

We are in the Thanksgiving Season. Holidays that celebrate abundance and close family ties…and Basketball. Practice makes perfect my basketball coach would say “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!” Mr. James. So in the many seasons, of your life: What are you practicing?
We know that we can train to perform a task in an effective and efficient way, so that it becomes second nature.(Think Pavlov’s Dog) If we consider that we are all being trained, by and with some kind of conditioning- are we being healthy: mentally, physically, and relationally? What are the messages that we are sending, what are the messages that we play in our brains…What are we training ourselves and others to do? If this is the season to be truly thankful, spend the time, take the time, steal the time away from what doesn’t matter and practice, practice, practice…what you want to matter. It’s your life, how will you spend your days.
Look into coaching, it might be the next step in helping you to make the practice -that is perfect for you.

I was able to witness a stage of transformation this morning. It was as simple as a moth emerging from a cocoon.
This event could have easily been overlooked, but I was able to witness this evolution just in my front flower bed…there was movement, a struggle to escape what was constraining this new creature. It was a great reminder of what we all have to overcome. It is the barriers and fences in our lives that we or others place on us.
Are you growing into something greater? How will you transition into your next phase as an individual, or possibly take your business/your team to be more effective in this crazy environment. Is it time for you explore how coaching moves you and your team. Are you feeling the pains of growth or confinement? Coaching takes time, effort, even a struggle to emerge into something totally different and refined. Like that moth, it had to start the process and then, in the end take flight.

I can’t say that I’m a great card player. I do love all kinds of games. Cards are a fun way to entertain, have time together, connecting our lives with one another. There are card games of chance, strategy, and deception. Some games bring people together, work to a common cause. Maybe Pinocchio would fall into this category, two or more are working toward a common goal. Casino games might fall into this game of chance Blackjack and Texas Hold’em- these games count on the luck of the cards and the possibilities of the known cards on the table. I’ve observed something with the game of Poker and Relationships. I’ve heard “lucky in cards, unlucky in relationships” so why is that? I’m not an expert when it comes to either but there are truths that can be gleaned. With my vast experience watching Texas Hold’em on TV(years ago), the commentators talked about “Tells.” A “tell” is an unconscious habit that reveals your intent. A poker player plays the cards he is dealt and good poker player, what I’m told, plays the players. By stopping and hiding your the emotions, people are unable to relate to what you are thinking and what you think about your cards. As in life and business, we can build physical and emotional walls. Barriers and Silos separate people, departments, and organizations to the point of collapse. When the discussion turns to me, my department, mine…red lights and horns should be going off. There now is a shift in thinking that borders on collapse. In teams, work, and relationships there is an accountability to one another for the common goal. When communication and trust is breached natural boundaries, walls, and barriers are raised higher. Isolation, Me Thinking vs. We Thinking…Humans have been successful by cooperation with one another or to enslave others. The beauty of shared partnerships, marriages, and profit sharing everyone is working toward the common goal of winning, we win together, not a golden parachute for failing. Like Love, Marriage, and Cards…it’s more fun to shared with others.
We (Your Team or Partnership) are stronger together than any one individual.