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NW Coaches Association

Oregon Chapter of ICF-International Coach Federation.


ICF-International Coach Federation

Since 1995 the ICF has been the leading global organization setting the standards for professional standards, providing independent certification for individuals and programs.


Why I chose WESTERN SEMINARY for my Coaching Training

It was quite by accident that I stumbled on to coaching. I was looking for a faith based Masters in Counseling program, and I heard Western Seminary had a good counseling program. Seeing an invitaion to an “informational night about coaching” on Western’s Portland Oregon campus, I thought I would go and visit. As I was sitting in the meeting I knew that this is what I already do, at my core being and that I have done this my whole life. There are many coaching programs, some attached to schools and universities but none so close geographically to me. Christ is at the center of the program leading to a Certificate in Transformational Coaching. Western is recognized by the International Coach Federation as a fully accredited coach training program. This group of fine instructors have been ground breakers and industry leaders-coaching is their business, and they share deeply their years of wisdom and experiences in this needed and sometimes overlooked industry.

Coaching is about asking good questions, it doesn’t matter if the person being coached has a faith other than mine. It all comes down to where they are on in their journey and where they want to go. It is their answers that determine their own transformation and destination. I am always honored to be a part of this process.



Core Values Index

The Core Values Index (CVI) is a powerful tool that will help individuals evaluate their learning styles, communication styles, and has been used successfully to reorganize, optimize hiring and turn-a-round failing businesses. The CVI is able to capture a person’s innate nature and has a 94% year over year reliability,

“I have found this to be an outstanding launching point in all of my coaching relationships…it promotes greater self and group awareness” Stephen Carter



THE ADVANTAGE By Patrick Lencioni.

Your organizations health is what provides the income for you and others to survive today and into the future. The products or services are suported by the people in your organization. The doubled edged sword is you can’t do it alone and that’s good, because now you have a life outside of the business. Lencioni again takes business and organization to a new level. Making great choices for your company and your customers.


Some of the best writing on leadership, management and healthy teams has come from Patrick Lencioni. This is a must read…along with his other books, for me. Such a nice step into executive coaching if you want a healthy, happy, productive team…working to satisfy your customers, one another, and you.


Bootcamp Northwest

I have been a part of a team of men who have volunteered their time and talents to deliver a message of hope and healing to men in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Since I have been a part of this non-denomational ministry (2005) we have put on at least one four day event each year to get men away, from the day to day, work of life, and to spend time connecting to God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. The camp mirrors what the Ransomed Heart Ministries does at their bootcamps in Colorado. It was their charge and challenge for us to help men all over the world. Bootcamp Northwest is just one of the fine camps that have been delivering this message of hope. Based on the book: Wild at Heart.



Michael Dye has put together a book that is more than self help or typical small group fair. He has combined the latest Brain Science, and Biblical truths, to create something that builds people up, heals and gives them the opportunity to grow in healthy community.


The Noble Heart

Gary Barkalow, the author of the book: “What are You Doing Here? IT’S YOUR CALL”, has carved out a ministry, based around personel calling. Gary and his wife Leigh, have developed materials, programs, and weekend seminars that bring clairity, direction to those questions like “What should I be doing?”