Are You a Poker Player

stephencarter  —  January 4, 2017 — Leave a comment

I can’t say that I’m a great card player. I do love all kinds of games. Cards are a fun way to entertain, have time together, connecting our lives with one another. There are card games of chance, strategy, and deception. Some games bring people together, work to a common cause. Maybe Pinocchio would fall into this category, two or more are working toward a common goal. Casino games might fall into this game of chance Blackjack and Texas Hold’em- these games count on the luck of the cards and the possibilities of the known cards on the table. I’ve observed something with the game of Poker and Relationships. I’ve heard “lucky in cards, unlucky in relationships” so why is that? I’m not an expert when it comes to either but there are truths that can be gleaned. With my vast experience watching Texas Hold’em on TV(years ago), the commentators talked about “Tells.” A “tell” is an unconscious habit that reveals your intent. A poker player plays the cards he is dealt and good poker player, what I’m told, plays the players. By stopping and hiding your the emotions, people are unable to relate to what you are thinking and what you think about your cards. As in life and business, we can build physical and emotional walls. Barriers and Silos separate people, departments, and organizations to the point of collapse. When the discussion turns to me, my department, mine…red lights and horns should be going off. There now is a shift in thinking that borders on collapse. In teams, work, and relationships there is an accountability to one another for the common goal. When communication and trust is breached natural boundaries, walls, and barriers are raised higher. Isolation, Me Thinking vs. We Thinking…Humans have been successful by cooperation with one another or to enslave others. The beauty of shared partnerships, marriages, and profit sharing everyone is working toward the common goal of winning, we win together, not a golden parachute for failing. Like Love, Marriage, and Cards…it’s more fun to shared with others.
We (Your Team or Partnership) are stronger together than any one individual.



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