In and Out of the Dark

stephencarter  —  April 7, 2016 — Leave a comment

In and Out of the Dark.
Moving from the known to the unknown is like walking into a completely dark room, you have never been in before, and now trying to get to the other side. Our senses are heighten as we now follow what we can only see blurred by the light and the shadows from the door…till we have reached the edge…arms out or down, hoping not to trip, bump, or walk into something, trying to reach the unseen destination. We are cautious in our movement in hopes not to hurt ourselves or others. At some point, we have released control. We have hope for what is ahead. It is a desire for something more, something better, something complete. In the dark feels weak, the unknown plays on our fears.
Have you had this experience? Did it end well? How did you feel when you got to the other side? If you had someone with you, how would it be different…even if they hadn’t been there before, would it still be different?
To have someone brings comfort and more hope in the journey to the “other side”. Sometimes the struggle and not knowing brings us to a new and wonderful place, beyond what we had hoped for. Not a step by step, put the furniture together puzzle…what turns out is functional but not original, not honored/valued.
Find a coach for your journeys. They can help bring light, encouragement, and comfort to an seemingly insurmountable goal/hope/desire.
More than light at the end…an original masterpiece.



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