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The Advantage

stephencarter  —  November 11, 2014 — Leave a comment

The Advantage: by Patrick Lencioni, he is one of my favorite business organization authors. His business fables are entertaining case studies, on how we do business, and how to do it better. What makes the USA great is a way of thinking, that is beyond what other countries are able to do. I hear it from software developers, that programmers overseas don’t think the same way…that goes for cultures and business structure. As I continue to see business owners and other leaders not taking advantage of the greatest asset in their arsenal of weapons,Their People, I’m humbled by the obstacles, that people once had, that where there meant to be a fortresses of safety, control and wealth building, is now a wall that will hinder a greater prosperity and real life. I think Abraham Lincoln wrote “He who represents himself has a fool for a client”. Sometimes to make healthy decisions we need someone who doesn’t have anything to gain to ask the right questions. More coaches have coaches, more counselors have counselors, doctors, lawyers…companies have boards but even a board of directors can have an agenda or angle. A good coach doesn’t have to know the right answer, they are asking the questions that reveal what works best, for you, the team, or the company. In doing this there is ownership, loyalty and a drive toward authenticity. That is why every leader needs an independent coach. Not an in house co-worker from another department, someone who is totally safe to ask the hard questions and will inspire the leader to look beyond what is keeping them safe. The magic key, the magic pill is in you, not in the facts and figures of the consultants, spreadsheet, or report. There are times when you need the doctor or the consultant to feed you the answer to turn around a failing system. But typically we seek the professional, they give you the answer and you will do what you want, then you die on the table, have surgeries and move on until retirement or death. Find a coach to be your ally; A coach to question your processes, people and systems. In doing this you can keep the things that work, drop what doesn’t, and build for what will come in the future. Most of the coaches I know live to bring real life to you, your marriage, your team and your  company. Find an independent Coach.